And that boys and girls is why you are supposed to wear a helmet. 


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    I thought this was a sweet little edit about the Florida scene by Cole Alcock.



    Patrick Switzer is known for being one of the fastest men downhill and one hell of a nice guy! The 2011 World Cup Series Champion joined Rayne in 2012 looking for a family to ride with and some Rayne innovation under his feet. Riding the Rayne Vandal in 2012, Patrick worked with Rayne designer Graham Buksa to transform the basic Vandal into his new Signature Fortune for 2013.

    The Fortune is a directional, top mounted speed board like no other. Combining a bit of slalom, pool and downhill, the Fortune gets radial concave, a small spoon tail and an upturned nose added to the directional Vandal shape so Patrick can ollie, manual and generally ride one board for whatever goofing he gets up to. Additionally, the Vandal 3D wheel wells have been turned into what we call 4D Cups. - if you’ve watched Patrick creating 3D concave with Vicious Grip, you’ll know where it all came from. These all-new supportive waves grab your feet and hold them in place so they’re not flopping around while you motor your boat down hill. 

    Finally the new Fortune takes on the Fat Bottom construction we released with the 2012 Avenger, keeping the board stiff and strong, but dropping excess weight and reducing exposed wood by making CNC’ed wheel wells obsolete.

    The 4D-Cups on this board works like this: 
    1: Integrated Wheelwells: subtle, pressed in curves in the front and rear open up the new radial concave to naturally allow for more diverse wheel options, while allowing the rider to find their feet without looking and prevent wheelbite without cutting into the deck.

    2: Integrated Foot Locks: molded into the Wheelwells, the three dimensional waves create natural ridges to dig your foot into for tucking, pushing out drifts and slides and generaly keeping your eyes and mind on the road ahead and not the board beneath you.

    Length- 36” 
    Width- 10” 
    Wheel Base- 24.5” / 25.25” / 26” or 26.75” 

    Sharp Edges - Final touch for locked in feet. 
    Fat Bottom Bamboo Core - Strong and light, thick and juicy, this baby’s got back.
    Pre-tensioned Triaxial fibreglass - Adds long life, durability, strength and energy return. 
    Sublimated Artwork - Scratch-resistant ink is tattooed into the deck. 
    Speed-stiff - Don’t get bounced! Stiff boards will make you stable at high speeds.
    Directional Shape - Gives extra edge feel for carving, cruising and speed.
    4D-Cup Wheel Wells - Take your skating to the 4th dimension with double locks pressed into each wheel well.
    Radial Concave - Just like taking corners, one smooth line from edge to edge keep your feet right where you want them.
    Universal Variable Top Mounting - Lets you pick the wheelbase that works best for you.
    Bee Orange Finish - Smells good, taste great, and seals and protects your board without harmful chemicals.


    Definitely go check out the Iron Pineapple on February 17th!

    Registration fees go up on the 1st so get on it!

    Even pandas love to skate

    The annual South Beach Bomb hosted by Miami Longboard Crew is this Saturday at 3pm!

    This year the South Beach Bomb begins and ends at South Pointe Park. The race is free for everyone. If you have friends that don’t skate, invite them to bike or rollerblade or scooter or horseback ride along with us. 

    Check out the event page for more info and hope to see you guys there!

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    Tyler’s stepping his game with a sweet new Predator helmet and gloves.

    Wesley doing a stalefish slide.

    Herman looking steezy as he crosses carnage corner.

    Anthony, Kory, Jon all lined up for this corner.


    Kyle and Tyler, pretty close around the final corner.

    The toll of skating.